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Health, Safety, and Environmental Commitment

The Safety and Health of our employees and those working with us is among our core principles and is vital to our safe operations. We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our safety system for those working in our operations, and to the protection of the environment. We achieve this through a proactive and strong safety culture, leadership visibility, worker engagement, collaboration with the Union and all stakeholders, and an effective safety management system that is implemented effectively and consistently. People are the heart of our business. Nothing is more important than everyone getting home safely to those who count on them.

We are committed to operating at the highest standards of safety and achieving HSE excellence. We believe all incidents are preventable. We will work as a team to instill an uncompromising commitment to safety and dedicate the resources needed to assure the safety of our staff and public while fostering a safe, healthy, and positive work setting. We will not compromise safety while meeting our goals for production, quality, cost, and schedule. Our leadership team will be visible and engaged. Our Operations team will ensure HSE processes are effectively implemented and that employees and others are ready and mentally engaged to work safely. Everyone working on our site will show their personal responsibility for the safety of both themselves and those working around them.

Every person working in our operations has the responsibility and obligation to work safely, to demonstrate their personal commitment to safety, to look out for their peers and ensure they work safely, and to Stop Work and Speak Up when they believe a condition exists that may be hazardous to their health and safety, to the health and safety of others, or presents a risk to the environment.  We will support each person who speaks up… every time.

We are committed to inspire safe behaviors at work as integral to our company culture.  Our team and those who work within or visit our operations have a personal and professional responsibility to care for the people, property, and equipment around them. This Core Principle reflects who we are.

We can be the best in our industry by working together every day.
~  Dan Hall, President

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